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ISPI Potomac Design Thinking In Action Summit

  • Saturday, March 03, 2018
  • 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Silver Spring Civic Building, One Veterans Place Silver Spring, MD 20910
  • 36


  • Reserved for research team.

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Shape the Future of ISPI Potomac

Design Thinking In Action Summit

You are invited to participate in a unique workshop immersion to shape the future of the ISPI Potomac Chapter. Be among the first to learn new Design Thinking and Agile Performance Innovation tools that you can apply in your own work, as we shape the future of ISPI Potomac!

Here's what we will explore during this professional immesion:

Registration: 8:45-9:00

Tour of the Agenda: 9:00 - 9:15

Act One 9:15-10:45

Discover your Superpower

Too often we are thrown into arbitrary teams and told to just “make it work” without regard for our innate abilities. Many times, this results in a lack of cohesion and we start to view our team members as either heroes or villains. We become so accustomed to this way of working that we do not realize how this environment zaps our powers and limits our collective potential for greatness.

Fear not! There is a better way to experience “work that works” by “Emergineering” high-potential teams using neuroscience and heart science. During this workshop you will discover your superpower and learn how to unleash the superpower of the cognitive diversity of your team members (no capes necessary). You will learn a new window into thinking, behavior, collaboration, and action to help new or existing teams achieve peak performance. 

Join us to discover your superpower, unleash your potential, and liberate your team’s brilliance with a focused, distinct strategy to amplify employee engagement, motivation, and diverse work styles.

How will I Grow? 

  • DISCOVER your superpower: Your own unique thinking and behavioral patterns that can be leveraged to boost performance
  • ACTIVATE your team: Methods to establish psychological safety on your team
  • LIBERATE your team’s powers: Diverse ways that people go about work and how they most productively accomplish tasks 
    • Specific tactics for uncovering the thinking and behavioral tendencies of all group members
    • What to do when teams aren’t as magical as they can be

    Act Two 11:00 - 12:00

    Design a Product in 60 Mins 

    Do you wonder why some policies, products, or services never seem to align with the big picture? What would happen if we could align with team across all of the design phases of a project to drive to the desired big picture outcome? 

    During this session we will explore Story Mapping do design solutions that support the big picture of what you are trying to achieve. 

    Story maps look at a product or feature from the users’ perspective. Building a story map asks the story mapper to think through the experience of applying the policy, using the product, or engaging in a service from from their users’ perspective. And, as it turns out that solves a lot of problems that we face when dealing with unintended consequences, sub-optimal performance, or resistance.

    How will I grow?

    • Define our desired outcomes
    • Develop slices of work that target specific goals
    • Align horizontally and vertically along stakeholder values streams
    • Explore how to apply story mapping to develop prototypes for real world applications
    • Understand how to apply story mapping for both internal/external products and services, existing policies and services, and products that are highly technical in nature. 

    Intermission: Lunch & Networking 12:00 - 1:00

    Act Three 1:00 - 3:30

    Prototyping & Building using StoryMapping

    StoryMapping is focused on the goals/outcomes - discovering the product's purpose. A product is a construct for the outcome you want to drive- ie the change you want to see in the internal/customer environment. What do you want to learn by making this change?

    During this session we will apply the tools from the morning workshops to story map the ISPI themes to:
    • Create  a shared understanding
    • Focus on our community of members and their experiences
    • Brings together design and product and job families and  stakeholders
    • Mock-up prototypes with a  "build less and achieve more" (outcomes and impact) approach
    • Establish a backbone of priorities from which to prototype and develop specific ISPI actions

    Act Four: 3:30 - 4:30

    Introduction to Innovation Resource Planning with iCNTR

    During this session we will introduce the ICNTR cloud enterprise application to bring our strategy to life. iCNTR is  a platform for integrating and managing stakeholders, innovation, projects, transformation, and disruption - all on one integrated cloud workspace. ICNTR helps to organize and classify over 500 data points automating processes that enable a value-stream resulting in transparency, collaboration taxonomies, rich analytics and innovation, project, transformation and success kpi dashboards.

    Encore & Reflection 4:30-5:00

    What, so what, now what? Immersion retrospective and sharing.

    Some Background

    Every five years ISPI Potomac develops a Strategic Plan that sets the direction for our chapter of the International Society for Performance Improvement. 

    Over the past few months, many of you helped prepare for this Design Thinking In Action Summit. Now we are ready to come together as a collective community to:

    • Learn more about our members’ needs
    • Understand what our employers, customers, and other stakeholders want from us
    • Engage a broad community across Government, Industry, Not for Profits, and Education
    • Discover what’s working with the chapter and areas where we can innovate
    • Apply Agile Performance Innovation tools to frame our discoveries
    • Build a strong community of advocates
    • Synthesize our learning to chart the future of the chapter

    Strategy Visualization and Graphic Facilitation is generously provided by our dear friend Barb Siegel, Look2Listen.com

    Accommodations and refreshments graciously provided by our friends and partners:

    iCATT Consulting & Go Pro21 Community 

    Where will we meet?

    Silver Spring Civic Building

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