Upcoming Events

    • 18 Jul 2017
    • 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
    • World Learning, 1015 15th St NW, #750, Washington, DC

    Disrupting ignorance - our new calling.  As Performance Improvement Specialist, we are evidence based.  We follow and adhere to a set of standards that are founded on adding value, doing worthy work, looking at the larger environment, and demonstrating results. 

    Today, we are seeing the beginnings of the fallout of past actions by civic leaders that will challenge society's ability to educate its public, protect the environment, provide jobs, and produce a workforce capable of doing those jobs.  What can we do as Performance Improvement Specialists to turn this around?

    Join Judy Hale for an exciting and challenging evening discussing what's going on in the world and how we can make a difference.

Past Programs

13 Jun 2017 Creating Project Alignment through Team Symbols and Visual Metaphors with Deep Insight Visualization
23 May 2017 ISPI International Conference Magic Moments and the promise of Credentialing
18 Apr 2017 Exploring the Learning Experience Canvas™ (Limited Seating)
11 Apr 2017 1M Data Points - Using Behavioral Analytics to Improve Learning Outcomes (Members-Only Webinar)
21 Mar 2017 Creating Momentum Matters: Intervention Design with Practice-based Solutions
17 Jan 2017 Applying a Network Lens to Performance Improvement
05 Dec 2016 2016 Chapter Holiday Mingle
15 Nov 2016 Mobile − Advances That Support Human Performance
11 Oct 2016 The Hint of Leadership: Advice for the Change Weary Leader
13 Sep 2016 The vision statement: The single most overlooked factor in the HPT Model
16 Aug 2016 Government Transformation: Treading Water or Riding the Wave
12 Jul 2016 From Average to Awesome Team Centered Performance Improvement
14 Jun 2016 Performance at the US Coast Guard
17 May 2016 2016 ISPI Conference Debrief
16 Mar 2016 ISPI CPT Certification
09 Feb 2016 What are Needs?
08 Dec 2015 ISPI Potomac Mingle 2015
10 Nov 2015 Learning through Electronic Performance Support (EPS)
13 Oct 2015 The Metrics of Any Kind of Performance
08 Sep 2015 The Resilient Leader
11 Aug 2015 Talent, Performance and a Costly Assumption
09 Jun 2015 Accelerating your Career with the ISPI CPT Certification
12 May 2015 Mindful Innovation: Using the HPT Model to Facilitate Sustainable Transformation
14 Apr 2015 Let's Talk About Employee Development
10 Mar 2015 Your Performance Improvement Questions Answered
10 Feb 2015 ISPI Potomac Mingle
13 Jan 2015 Strange Bedfellows: Data and Behavior in the Change Diagnostic Index
09 Dec 2014 Best Places to Work and Employee Engagement
11 Nov 2014 Organizational Analysis: What is it...and why should I care?
14 Oct 2014 Coaching and feedback: Research and practices that you can actually use
16 Sep 2014 Managing and Motivating Millennials: The secrets to engaging the next generation
12 Aug 2014 Using LinkedIn to Learn From and Grow Your Professional Network
08 Jul 2014 2014 ISPI Conference Debrief
11 Jun 2014 Exposition: Keynote Presentation by Rick Rummler plus mini sessions
10 Jun 2014 Rick Rummler presents Rediscovering Value
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